Choosing Crio White Toner Over DTF Printers

Choosing Crio White Toner Over DTF Printers

Stacy Grover is one seriously busy woman. Between running a family, owning a trucking company, working in a mechanic shop, and managing a side garment decoration business, she stays on her toes. She started her side business with heat transfer vinyl, then moved to sublimation. She also added a wide format printer for truck decals.

She hit a roadblock at one point, though. A customer wanted a black cotton shirt and a design she couldn’t create with the existing equipment she had. She began searching for solutions for black cotton garments.

She began her search for her next equipment investment with direct-to-film (DTF). She looked at eco-solvent printers, then stumbled across white toner transfer. Being a very busy individual, she didn’t have the time to mess with high-maintenance machines and run maintenance cycles, head cleanings, etc. White toner printers, such as Crio, were appealing due to their low maintenance, no daily use requirement, and the ability to print and go.

The Bigger the Better

Many of Stacy’s customers come from the trucking industry. She said they tend to need larger-sized prints, at times up to a 4XL. Knowing that she reached out to a sales representative at Printava and discussed her needs for printing in large sizes and on dark and black cotton shirts. Due to needing the largest size prints available, the Crio 9541WDT was the ideal choice for her market.

Biggest Benefit of Crio White Toner: Growing Offerings

As of now, Stacy has had her Crio 9541WDT for 6 months and has already grossed about $7,000 in orders since then. All that while only working with her Crio 9541WDT on a part-time basis. She doesn’t do much marketing of her products asides from occasionally sharing posts on her Facebook profile. She generally gets her business from friends, family, acquaintances, and other word-of-mouth methods.

Stacy spends time on nights and weekends with her Crio. When she is not making t-shirts for her customers, she has tried many other unique applications. Among the standard t-shirts she creates, she has used her Crio white toner printer on hoodies, tire covers, mud flaps, Spotify frames, tumblers, drawstring bags, and tote bags.

One-Offs and Larger Run Orders

Due to the customer network that she has built through the trucking industry and her full-time job, Stacy often finds herself doing a wide range of custom orders ranging from a single garment to large-run orders. She recently received an order of 100 shirts after selling 10 to one customer. That customer then shared those shirts with friends and orders started flooding in.

Stacy has been successful in selling to her community and gaining return customers. It has become relatively simple for her to gain a variety of orders. She’s done everything from single-order shirts to runs of 100 with success.

Successful Expansion in Offerings

Not only is she doing the typical garment work with white toner, but she’s also branched out to mud flaps, tire covers, stickers, and more. With the time savings she experiences over vinyl and other methods, she has been able to experiment and really experience the versatility of Crio white toner transfers. Since beginning to offer products created with her Crio 9541WDT, she has already had estimated orders of over $7,000 in gross sales. She’s even completed an order of 700 shirts with her Crio 9541WDT with low overhead costs and the original toner set.

With Crio as an addition to her existing heat transfer vinyl, sublimation, and wide format, she now can create virtually any product a customer may desire. If a customer wants a white polyester shirt with no feel to it, she can use sublimation. Say the customer wants a black cotton shirt? Crio white toner. If they want a simple one-color design? Vinyl. By implementing Crio white toner to her arsenal of decoration methods, she has drastically grown her offerings and her business.

Advantages of Choosing the Crio 9541WDT

The Crio 9541WDT gives Stacy and her business the best color-matching which is especially important when printing company logos and branding that needs to abide by brand guidelines. It also gives her the largest print size available with white toner technology, the ability to print with white overprint, and a true black and a quick production speed.

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