The Crio Difference

Crio DifferenceCrio Difference

In your process of finding the best printing technology for your business, you may wonder how Crio compares to other brands. Beyond offering white toner transfer printers, Crio is an inclusive community of creative entrepreneurs and industry experts that provides a place to share educational resources, instructional videos, and inspiration.

While other printer manufacturers only provide support for their equipment, Crio offers printer to process support. We help customers realize their full decoration potential and succeed at reaching their business goals by providing service beyond the printer.

Crio’s core value is Customer First Success. Crio strives to provide hobbyists, creators, and businesses with training and support such as how-to videos, profit guides, and marketing kits to help them expand their product offering and become more profitable.

Choosing the right printing technology is important to your business growth. To help you make your evaluation more straightforward we deliberately compared two of the most competitive white toner transfer printers within the decoration industry. Crio’s 8432WDT desktop size white toner transfer printer and the iColor 650 series white toner printer.


FeatureCrio 8432WDT PrinteriColor 650 Printer
Customer Support Service

On-site repair and customer support service for United States and Canada. Get the service where you need it when you need it.


Printer to Process Support: Crio provides expert solutions to any issue you may encounter during the white toner printing process.


Every Crio printer comes with a remote support tablet allowing for easy access to personalized support services, training, tutorial videos, product updates and the Crio creator community.

Uninet / iColor addresses customers’ issues with the printer by either having them replace the part or shipping the printer back to fix it.


Support is only provided for warranty or hardware related issues.


The IColor 650 series printer does not come with any kind of remote support system or tablet for easy access and immediate support.

Online Support Resources

CrioCare is an online community where Crio users can ask questions and interact with others through open discussion forums and live training classes.


All Crio users have free access to industry leading tools such as how-to videos, marketing kits, profit guides, industry experts help, and live online training classes.

iColor offers online support on its website through technical documents such as User Manual, Quick Start Guide, Software Instructional Videos, and White Toner Printing online training.


They only offer pre-recorded training classes, which makes it hard for users to ask for help and receive instant feedback from industry experts and others in the community.

Ethics and ReliabilityThe Crio series of printers are based on the most trusted name in white toner technology, OKI. Crio is the only authorized white toner transfer OEM of OKI or ANY white toner printers in the western hemisphere.

OKI’s C844 CMYK office model printer was converted to the iColor 650 white toner transfer printer without OKI’s authorization. This printer was not manufactured as a white toner printer.


OKI’s countermeasures will make future supplies more difficult to obtain, which may leave iColor 650 users without consumables.


2-Year On-site Warranty / 5-Years on LED Heads


2-Year Off-site Warranty (parts and labor), having customers deal with the hassle of shipping their printer off to be fixed.
White Toner Underprint/Overprint

Double pass underprint/overprint process.


Single pass underprint/overprint process by swapping the placement of the white toner cartridge.
Print Quality                      Steady and vibrant print qualityInconsistent print quality such as fatal issues fusing the toner to the transfer paper. The original model was not manufactured to be a white toner transfer printer.
VersatilityCrio does not have its own brand of transfer paper, which allows customers to use any kind of paper that adapts to their needs and wants. Crio will still offer support and its warranty no matter which paper its customers are utilizing.iColor has its own brand of paper that is specialized to run through their printers. If other paper is used on the iColor 650 series printer or any iColor printer, it might void the warranty if the equipment needs any kind of repair.
Cost of Equipment $7,995.00$7,995.00



Comparing different white toner transfer technologies allows you to evaluate their performance capabilities, features, and functionality, overall cost-effectiveness, user experience, and their ease of use. This process will help you select the printer that best suits your needs, ensuring optimal printing results and value for your investment.


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