How to Start A Custom T-Shirt Business with Crio

Are you considering starting your own custom t-shirt business? Now is a great time to launch into the world of customized hard goods and apparel!

Enter the Growing Custom Goods Market

In recent years, the decorated apparel industry has seen explosive growth with more consumers and businesses turning to small businesses for their custom and personalized apparel needs. It is predicted that the custom t-shirt industry will surpass $10 billion by 2025.

Exceptional Profit Potential

When printing custom T-shirts, you can expect to make on average between 50% and 75% profit per shirt. This means that if you sell a T-shirt for $20, you will take home $10 to $15 after you’ve subtracted your costs of goods sold.

6 Benefits of Crio White Toner Transfers

No Fabric or Color Limitations

Crio printers can personalize any color cotton, polyester, and poly/cotton blends or a wide variety of other fabrics.

No Minimum Quantities

Low volume orders are profitable with Crio white toner printers. Whether you print 1 or 100, you will still see profit.

Vibrant High-Res Transfers

While some methods like screen printing or vinyl are best for 1-2 colors, Crio prints vivid, full-color designs.

No Maintenance

Crio white toner laser printers do not run the risk of printer lines clogging or ink drying up.

Light Feel & Great Durability

When combined with the right heat transfer paper, Crio laser transfers have one of the lightest and softest “hands.”

No Weeding

Crio laser heat transfer is often a logical next step for decorators who have been making custom T-shirts with vinyl.

Everything You Need to Get Started

Download our “Everything You Need to Start Your Custom T-Shirt Business” eBook for a full guide of everything you need to start a business with a Crio white toner printer. From initial investment costs to all the supplies you will need to be successful, we lay it all out for you. It even includes a checklist and total cost estimates.

White Toner Transfer Process

The process of laser heat transfer is straightforward. It works by printing a digital image or design onto a sheet of heat transfer paper, applying an adhesive sheet to the printed sheet, then placing the printed sheet onto a T-shirt, and applying heat. The result is a permanent, high-quality decorated T-shirt.

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Profit Potential

The profit calculator below will help you decide whether a Crio white toner printer is right for you and your shop. The calculations are based on t-shirts, but there are no limitations on the endless types of products you can create.

Download the eBook

Download our “How to Start a Custom T-Shirt Business” eBook and get connected with a dealer to learn more!