Want To Print Transfers In-house On-demand?

Every printer aims to maximize in-house printing capabilities to minimize expenses and profit on all orders, including those with short production runs. Sure, you can order transfers instead of turning the customer away, but how fast can you get them, and what profit are you leaving on the table by outsourcing? One option is purchasing a DTF printer, but the footprint for space requirements, upfront cost, and daily maintenance could result in more headaches than profit. Another option fits on a desktop, requires no maintenance, no pretreat or special materials, and can be transferred to almost any light or dark substrate with vibrant, durable color. We call it Crio, you call it a profit center.

Crio white toner printers allow you to provide on-demand printing services to your customers, while also opening a host of additional revenue streams you would have had to previously outsource.

White and Black Transfer T-shirt

Print on or transfer to the widest variety of materials and substrates over any other technology cotton, polyester, blends, canvas, burlap, wood, metal, acrylic, mylar, paper, cork, leather, and much more!

What is a White Toner Transfer Printer?

It is a laser-based printing technology that utilizes white toner instead of traditional ink. The white toner printing process involves printing on a special paper or film that is then transferred onto a desired substrate using a sheeted adhesive. 

Black T-shirt Design

Unlike ink-based printers, white toner printers do not require daily maintenance. You can turn the white toner printer off, leave them sit for a year, turn them back on, and get stunning prints with no issues. The absence of liquid ink in white toner transfer printers avoids head strikes, nozzle clogs, or line stops providing convenience and flexibility with trouble free operation. 

While white toner technology has been around for about 10 years, the continuous development of specialized papers or films allow for faster and more efficient decoration of endless substrates in any color, and any material. 

Crio 8432, 9541

Benefits of Owning a Crio White Toner Printer:

• No Maintenance Solution
• No Pretreat or Special Coating
• Any Color, Any Material
• Space Saving Desktop Unit
• 9 Full Color Pages/ Minute

• 2-Year Onsite Warranty
• Printer-to-Process Support
• Wide Variety of Film & Papers
• Great Finance Options

The Crio® Experience

Free Rip Training

Free RIP Training

Every Crio Printer comes with intuitive drag and drop RIP Software. Users get access to free, live RIP software training to get you up and running quickly.



Crio offers industry-best support. When other manufacturers only support their equipment. Crio supports the entire decoration process. 

Crio Community

Crio Community

MyCrio is a success resource filled with content exclusively for Crio owners. Join the forum, watch how-to videos, learn ways to profit, market our business and more. 


Support Tablet

The Crio remote support tablet is your all-in-one tool for success, reloaded with links to everything you need to be successful. 


Profit Guides

Based around “customer success first,” Crio continually creates content to help market your business, get customers, enter new markets, and profit. 

How-to videos

How-To Videos

We understand the versatility of Crio white toner printers means there’s a lot to learn, we simplify the learning curve with how-to videos for specific papers and applications.

Go from printing to finished, 5 full color shirts in under 7 minutes.

Are you tired of the hassle and time-consuming nature of fulfilling short run orders? Do maintenance issues of DTG or DTF printers eat into your profits and productivity?

Crio white toner printers are maintenance-free technology designed to produce short run orders with ease, efficiency, and increased profitability. Crio’s user-friendly technology will help simplify your workflow and complete short run orders faster than ever before, without compromising quality or accuracy. It is as fast as printing 5 full-color shirts in only 6 ½ minutes!!

Want to see a live demo of the Crio?

If you would like to learn more about Crio white toner transfer technology, fill out the following form to request a one-on-one virtual Crio live demo.


Immerse yourself in the live demo as our industry experts guide you through the entire printing process. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions and provide feedback. From design preparation to final output, you will gain insights into the seamless workflow and witness how this remarkable white toner transfer printing technology transforms short runs into profit, and easily expands your product offering for increased revenue.