The Crio Difference

Crio DifferenceCrio Difference

In your process of finding the best printing technology for your business, you may wonder how Crio compares to other brands. Beyond offering white toner transfer printers, Crio is an inclusive community of creative entrepreneurs and industry experts that provides a place to share educational resources, instructional videos, and inspiration.

While other printer manufacturers only provide support for their equipment, Crio offers printer to process support. We help customers realize their full decoration potential and succeed at reaching their business goals by providing service beyond the printer.

Crio’s core value is Customer First Success. Crio strives to provide hobbyists, creators, and businesses with training and support such as how-to videos, profit guides, and marketing kits to help them expand their product offering and become more profitable.

Choosing the right printing technology is important to your business growth. To help you make your evaluation more straightforward we deliberately compared two of the most competitive white toner transfer printers within the decoration industry. Crio’s 8432WDT desktop size white toner transfer printer and the iColor 650 series white toner printer.

Crio Difference


Comparing different white toner transfer technologies allows you to evaluate their performance capabilities, features, and functionality, overall cost-effectiveness, user experience, and their ease of use. This process will help you select the printer that best suits your needs, ensuring optimal printing results and value for your investment.


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