Crio OnePress

The ultimate choice for consistency, effectiveness, and versatility

Introducing the Crio® OnePress, 16″ x 20″ swing-away press designed to elevate your heat transfer experience, especially when paired with the Crio 8423WDT printer. 

This dynamic duo ensures optimal performance for mirroring white toner transfers and applying designs to various surfaces like t-shirts, hats, wooden substrates, mylar balloons, and more. 

Engineered with heavy-duty steel and an industrial-grade design, the Crio® OnePress assures both durability and consistent high-quality results.


What distinguishes the Crio OnePress from other presses?

• Uniform heat and pressure distribution ensuring optimal results

• Apply over 1200 lbs of downward force effortlesly, reducing fatigue and boosting productivity

• Smooth workflow for various heat transfer decoration techniques, including white toner, DTF, HTV, sublimation, and others

• Seamless compatibility with Crio white toner printers

• User-friendly features for effortless operation

• Greater versatility for a wider range of substrates

Optional Splitter Stand

The splitter stand allows you to press one side of the garment while the other remains secure beneath the lower platen, this feature is known as “threadability.” It simplifies the transfer process by positioning zippers, pockets, and seams underneath the lower platen, ensuring smoother heat and pressure distribution. Additionally, it prevents any dye transfer by exclusively pressing the intended side.

Reduce Fatigue & Boost Productivity 

180° Swing-Away Motion

The wide-angle swing-away design simplifies the process of loading and unloading thin or thick items, eliminating the risk of burning yourself and improving overall efficiency. Additionally, it ensures uniform and accurate heat and pressure distribution across the entire pressing surface.

The spacious 16″ x 20″ heat platen allows simultaneous work on multiple items, enhancing productivity.

Crio OnePress Splitter Stand

Consistent & Optimal Transfer Results

Dynamic Combination

What sets the Crio® OnePress apart is its seamless compatibility with our white toner printers (8432WDT and 9541WDT). This dynamic combination enables full-color transfers onto diverse materials such as cotton, polyester, blend fabrics, denim, leather, wood, producing vivid colors and long-lasting results for custom items.

Crio Printer and Press

Ideal for Industry Experts, Hobbyists, & Beginners

Convenient and User-Friendly

The Crio® OnePress stands out with its user-friendly control panel, equipped with an LCD touchscreen for effortless time and temperature input, guaranteeing precise and optimal transfer results. It offers adjustable pressure control, a digital press counter, and user presets for convenient customization. Prioritizing safety, the Onepress includes an auto-shutoff feature to prevent accidents.

For peace of mind, every press comes with a one-year warranty and a lifetime warranty on the heating element.

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